Podcast Host: Michael Peres

Michael Peres (Mikey Peres) is a serial-entrepreneur, software engineer, journalist, author, tech-investor, and radio host best known for founding various technology, media, and news startups.

As a regular contributor to reputable news publications such as Entrepreneur and Times of Israel, Peres leverages his experience to advise aspiring entrepreneurs in developing the mindset to build, grow and scale successful businesses. With respect to corporations, Peres has developed a reputation for helping news publication startups prepare for early-stage funding.

Peres resides in Seattle, Washington, and is currently the Chief Editor of Peres Daily, Breaking 9-5, and Israel Now News.


Software Engineer

Michael Peres’ career began in his basement with countless coffee refills and insightful sunrises. Before beginning his journey as an entrepreneur, it was crucial he develop and hone his technical skills. Though Michael holds a degree in Computer Science his journey and discipline really began post-graduation. In college, Michael simply learned how to learn, but developing specialized skills took a whole new mindset and self-discipline.

Michael has successfully built hundreds of websites and dozens of mobile apps (including Shabbat & Holiday TimesJewish Kids Videos (formally Jewish TV), and The Rebbe’s Ohel. After which, he ventured into a space few developers explore: design. He moved his focus from technical development to artistic design. He learned the fundamental minimalism and brand cohesion, the core principles of what makes a design great. Some of the sites he’s designed are Live At Encore and Dr. Car Glass. At this point, Michael was ready to found his first tech startup and scale up the skills he’s developed in a wholesale fashion. This was when Hexa Tiger was founded.

He then circled back to the drawing board with a mission to develop core skills in the field of data communication. Though networking seems similar to programming they truly are a world apart. Additional to his computer science degree, Peres holds a junior degree in data communication from Dawson College. As well, Peres allocated 8 months of learning to start creating and deploying web servers that are secure and lightning-fast. Peres then founded Hexa Cloud Services, a leading cloud computing company that helps brands, individuals, and publications find incredible success online.



Michael Peres strongly lives by the philosophy of “give give give, then ask”. This sort of mindset has broken free of the technical confines. Before realized, Michael started branching out into the world of journalism where he helped give inspiration and value to readers by sharing the success stories of others.

Today, Peres dedicates his journalism career to covering unbiased, interesting news stories, as well as contributing expert advice to reputable business and technology publications. His goal is to help entrepreneurs develop a mindset for success.

Peres writes for dozens of reputable publications such as Entrepreneur MagazineTimes of IsraelJerusalem PostBenzingaInfluenciveThrive GlobalGrit DailyWomen Love TechJewish Journal, and countless others.

Learn more: Peres DailyBreaking 9 to 5Israel Now, and Her Forward.



Michael Peres invests in pre-seed and seed-stage companies in either underserved industries with market potential or novel startups with strong market disrupt power and a proof-ready model. Fields include Web 3.0, software, consumer tech, blockchain, fin-tech, and mar-tech and initial check sizes range from $50k-$250K.

Founders need more than capital to achieve success: they require a partner with the engineering expertise to help navigate the complex startup journey and the proper resources to optimize and scale the startup. We leverage our decade-long experience in creating highly profitable tech and media startups to provide complete management services for both internal company resources and complete online representation.

Learn more: Crunchbase | Signal | Angel 


Peres has authored four books:

In his books, he provides insight for aspiring entrepreneurs by documenting the obstacles he faced, how he overcame them, and how you can develop the critical skills needed to take charge of your own future.


Radio Host

The Michael Peres Podcast

Michael is the host of the Michael Peres Podcast, where he explores important questions relating to science, technology, society, entrepreneurship, and current events.

Seattle KKNW


Early Childhood

Michael Peres (Mikey Peres) was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in an orthodox Jewish home of 9 siblings. Throughout his childhood, Peres attended Yeshiva school (orthodox Jewish education). Michael holds degrees in computer science, mathematics, data communication, and Jewish studies. Upon graduation from college, Peres moved to California where he began his professional career.


Startups Founded

Hexa Tiger Website Design

Hexa Tiger provides elegant website design and development solutions at breakneck speed. Whether it’s for an individual or an e-commerce brand, our team works around the clock and uses state-of-the-art technologies to provide a holistic solution to all your web needs.

Our clients include small businesses and notable figures, including fashion labels, real estate agents, lawyers, actors, athletes, and influencers.

Hexa Cloud Services

Hexa Cloud Services provides a complete and seamless experience for web hosting. Our industry-leading hardware is optimized for WordPress, providing lighting speeds, robust security, and exceptional user experience.

Our dedicated customer support team is available around the clock to ensure your presence online never goes unrecognized. Trust Hexa Cloud to do all the heavy lifting so you can operate and scale your enterprise, business, or personal website with comfort in mind.

Hexa Book Services

Hexa Book Services offers a full range of book publishing services. From helping you devise an effective thesis, and ghostwriting to publishing, management, and full SEO management.

SEO For Public Figures

SEO For Public Figures is an SEO agency tailored to individuals and brands. Having worked with countless singers, actors, and entrepreneurs, we have honed our in-house formula to increase your visibility and grow your audience of loyal fans. With our exceptional team of programmers and SEO experts, we perform everything from website audits to coming up with a comprehensive strategy to help get your site to the top of the search engine.

Learn more: seoforpublicfigures.com

Scale My Podcast

Scale My Podcast helps notable figures tap into the growing billion-dollar podcast industry by spinning their own unique angles and stories, scaling that across multiple in-demand listening platforms like Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, and Google Podcast.

Our services provide a holistic solution for podcasters: from building your online infrastructure, editing your audio, and creating social media content, to finding incredible guests for your podcast and featuring you on other leading podcasts.

Learn more: scalemypodcast.com

Scale My Publication

Scale My Publication provides a complete solution for news publications looking to find success in the digital sphere. We help your startup navigate every step of the process, including software development/design, creating viral news content, reputation management, social media management, journalist management, publication ad revenue generation, and podcasting. With well over a decade of experience, we currently manage a wide range of reputable publications helping news startups become industry leaders in their respective fields.

Learn more: scalemypubilcation.com


Publications Founded

Peres Daily

Peres Daily is an independent news reporting publication providing unbiased and breaking news in the United States.

Israel Now

Israel Now provides independent reporting and commentary on a diverse range of Israel, Middle-Eastern and Jewish news. Since our founding in 2019, we have anchored our work in principles of accuracy, transparency, and independence from the influence of corporate and political forces.

Her Forward

Her Forward is a women’s magazine that covers women’s success stories around the globe.

Breaking 9 To 5

Breaking 9 to 5 provides insights and breaking news on the entrepreneurial and entertainment industry.


Michael Peres (Mikey Peres) studied computer science at Dawson College and mathematics and Jewish studies at Yeshiva University.

Life-long Goals

Peres seeks to contribute to the growing base of biological research on aging by leveraging his extensive knowledge of computer science and mathematics. By building and vetting successful technology companies, he aims to be connected with the most incredible minds in the world, who will help contribute to his overarching vision.

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