Is our earth special? Or is commonly found throughout the universe? And what does it even mean to say that Earth is special? Join me in this second episode of The Fermi Paradox series where I discuss The Rare Earth Hypothesis. 
Introduction Concepts (discussed in previous episode): 
 – Murphy’s Law
– Anthropic Principle
– SETI Institute
– Drake Equation
– Copernican Principle
– Mediocrity Principle
– Uniformity Principle
– Kardashev Scale

Category 1: Alien Civilizations are Rare. 
     1A: The Rare Earth Hypothesis (planets birthing and supporting life is astronomically rare).
    1B: Great Filters (a hurdle/barrier  inhibiting the potential for intelligent life).
    1C: Civilizations are short-lived (time discrepancy : section 2B) 

Category 2: Alien Civilizations are Difficult To Detect. 
    2A: They communicate but we are not capable of receiving (technological discrepancies, physical/fundamental discrepancies).
    2B: Time discrepancy.
    3B: They have no interest in communicating.
    4B: They intentionally keep quite.

Category 3: Alien Civilizations are Difficult to Recognize
   3A: Aliens are here secretly 
   3B: Aliens have visited our ancestors 
   3C: Alien life is not recognizable 

*this episode covers the topics highlighted in red

Rare Earth Hypothesis:
– Stable Galaxies
– Formation of Heavier Elements
– Radiation
– Stable Galactic Orbit
– Stable Host Star
– Stable Habitable Zone
– Eccentric Planetary Orbit
– Giant Planets 
– Asteriods
– Large Moons
– Planetary Rotation Rate
– Plate Tectonics
– Planet Size
– Magnetic Field
– Oxygen Level 

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