Welcome to part 3 of The Fermi Paradox series. If you have not seen the first 2 episodes yet, I recommend you watch those first. We have discussed introductory concepts, The Rare Earth hypothesis, and now, great filters. 

Category 1: Alien Civilizations are Rare. 
     1A: The Rare Earth Hypothesis (planets birthing and supporting life is astronomically rare).
    1B: Great Filters (a hurdle/barrier  inhibiting the potential for intelligent life).
    1C: Civilizations are short-lived (time discrepancy : section 2B) 

Category 2: Alien Civilizations are Difficult To Detect. 
    2A: They communicate but we are not capable of receiving (technological discrepancies, physical/fundamental discrepancies).
    2B: Time discrepancy.
    3B: They have no interest in communicating.
    4B: They intentionally keep quite.

Category 3: Alien Civilizations are Difficult to Recognize
   3A: Aliens are here secretly 
   3B: Aliens have visited our ancestors 
   3C: Alien life is not recognizable 

*this episode covers the topics highlighted in red.

– Abiogenesis 
– Evolutionary Adaption Rate
– Prokaryotes

– Photosynthesis 
– Eukaryotes
– Sexual Reproduction
– Food Chain
– Stable Land Mass
– Family
– Language
– Tools
– Fire 
– Metals
– Scholars
– Science

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