A Conversation With Dr. Ryan Neinstein

In this episode of The Michael Peres Podcast, Mikey Peres talks with Dr. Neinstein about everything relating to leadership, entrepreneurial success, and what it takes to find the perfect work-life to personal-life balance.

About Dr. Ryan Neinstein

Dr. Ryan Neinstein is a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City, and the owner of Neinstein Plastic Surgery. He is often referred to as the surgeon’s surgeon as many surgeons choose him as their trusted doctor.
As the author of Safety Guidelines and Masterclass Instructor, Neinstein stresses the importance of hyper-specialization and patient care above all else.
He is also an entrepreneur and frequent speaker on how to harness personal and team potential in the modern world.
His proudest achievement is the loving family he has with celebrity fitness instructor, and wife, Lauren Neinstein.
EP #07, A Conversation Wtih Dr. Ryan Neinstein | The Michael Peres Podcast
Dr. Ryan Neinstein
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