The Importance of a Healthy Oral Microbiome
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An Interview With Aimee Tariq

Saturday, April 18th, 2020  |  Aging, Biology, Health
The Importance of a Healthy Oral Microbiome

Aimee Tariq was recently featured #2 on the Top 20 Entrepreneurs list on Forbes. By the age of 23, she became a #1 Best Selling Author of “A Life with Health” which can be found on Amazon.

Aimee is currently writing another book called “Panic! Germs and the truth inside American mouths” where she has partnered up with Dr. Gladys McGarey  the very creator of the word “holistic” and the pioneer behind the whole holistic movement, and Dr. Nicholas Meyers, President of the international academy of biological dentistry and medicine. 

After suffering near death experiences for having a heart that would beat faster than 200 beats per minute, Aimee took charge of her life and made health a priority. She now empowers professionals to live their best lives by removing toxic triggers and maximizing energy, focus, and productivity.

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In this episode of the podcast, Michael Peres and Aimee Tariq discuss the oral microbiome, why it’s important and how one can maximize their health by maintaining a healthy microbiome.

Some of the topics discussed: 

– What is a microbiome?

– Are they microbes throughout your body different? If so, why did you choose to focus on the oral microbiome?

– Although the microbes throughout our body are vastly different, are they related? How might this relationship help us understand and fight disease?

– How does the oral microbiome have the power to affect the entire body?

– What potential diseases can be influenced by an imbalance in the oral microbiome?

– What are some things we do that negatively affect the oral microbiome?

– What can we do to help achieve a healthy homeostasis?

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